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Sundarbans River Cruise

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It is the only mangrove habitat in the world for Royal Bengal Tigers. Considering the great value of Sundarbans it has become now the part of world heritage area. Therefore, the forest is equally important to the nature-loving tourists. In addition, it’s being important to the naturalists, ecologists, biologists and for the scientific researchers as well. King Cobra, World’s longest venomous snake is also found in the jungles of Sundarbans. Shikra birds, spotted deer, and Lesser Adjutants are few of the animals living in this enchanting forest. Nothing can be more thrilling than watching a Monitor Lizards swimming across one of the channels, deer grazing at the end of the woods and colorful birds chirping happily in the trees while you take a relaxing boat ride.

The best time to visit the Sundarbans is from mid-November to mid-February. During this time, in the morning for a few hours there might be fog, but gorgeous fog and the migratory birds. Then the days are sunny and warm. And at night, sometimes the sky would be so clear that you would just lie down and try to find yourself among the stars. You’ll get to explore these spots in Sundarbans:

Karamjol Wildlife Conservation Site
Harbariya Eco-Tourism Site
Jamtola Point
Jamtola Sea Beach
Kochikhali Wilde Life Point
Kotka Sea Beach & Wildlife Point
Tiger Point


Day 1 Into the Wild

7 AM: Report on the boat at the jetty just beside Khulna city.
8 AM: Get settled and breakfast will be served with standard Bengali menu.
After breakfast, the ship will start cruising through the river towards Mongla to enter Sundarbans. In the noon, we should be crossing Mongla and enter the mangrove forest.

1 PM: Lunch will be served with Standard Bengali Menu. We guarantee top notch quality food available on that region!
We’ll make a stop at the Harbariya Eco Tourism Center to get the first deep forest train experience in the Sundarbans. A 30 Min trekking will be arranged through the mangrove accompanied by an armed forest guard.

5 PM: We’ll be reaching Kotka point and explore the forest there accompanied by an armed forest guard and tour guide will walk you through the history and characteristics of the mangrove forest. Before sunset, a wooden rowboat will take you deep into the canal in search of wild animals. In the evening, most of the wild animals come near to the banks of the canal to drink water. If you are lucky, you can easily watch lots of deer, monkeys, snakes, crocodiles. We call it a silent boat ride. Imagine you are riding a boat silently rowing through the wild forest. Experience the breathtaking environment, surrounded by wildlife and hear the chirping of the birds.
Return to the boat before sunset and snacks will be served.
9 PM: Dinner will be served with Standard Bengali Menu. Spend the night in the cabin equiped with standard facilities.


Day 2  Mangrove Expedition with Royal Bengal Tiger

Try to wake up early in the morning to watch the beauty of the forest and birds. Breakfast will be served upon your appetite. You will reach Jamotola Forest in the morning. Start hiking towards Jamtola beach. A sandy quiet beach where you’ll find a tremendous view of Sundarban.
12 PM: Return to the boat and get freshen up.
1 PM: Lunch will be served on the boat.

Visit Kocikhali Point on the way and explore the deep mangrove.
After lunch, visit Kotka Wildlife Sancturay and also a silent boat ride through the canal to reach mainland from the mother boat. Kotka watchtower offers a unique opportunity to experience a top view of the forest and also you might encounter wild animals come closer for eating grass. If you are lucky might hear the roar of Royal Bengal Tiger.

Return to the mother boat and enjoy the evening with snacks. Dinner will be served with Chicken BBQ, Paratha and Soft Drinks on the boat. Spend the night in the cabin equipped with standard facilities.


Day 3 Lifestyle Expedition & Return with Memories

Try to wake up early in the morning to watch the beauty of the forest and birds. Breakfast will be served upon your appetite.
Get another silent boat ride in the morning & lifestyle expedition.

1 PM: Lunch will be served on the boat with standard Bengali menu.
In the afternoon, visit Karamjol Wilde life center. You’ll find information and animals of all species in the conversation site. Also, visit the crocodile breeding project in the Karamjol.

5 PM: Check out from the ship and arrive at Khulna city. Roam around Khulna for a couple of hours.
8 PM: Dinner will be served with regional exotic food (Chui Jhal- a special dish of Khulna)

Cabin Equipped with Modern Facilities  

You’ll be provided with a private or shared cabin depending on your preferences. All our vessel’s cabins are equipped with modern facilities & amenities to make your stay comfortable. 

Additional Information

Overview Accomodation

Shortly after sunrise, we invite you to explore the narrow creeks aboard a wooden rowboat, allowing a close look at the unique mangrove fauna & flora. After a leisurely breakfast, the guide will offer a variety of activities, including an easy trek to the pristine beach facing the Bay of Bengal or a hike through the mangroves. In the afternoon there will be more activities for you on this Sundarbans trip. Overnight on board.

  • Experience 3 Day inside the Largest Mangrove
  • Wildlife Expedition Through the Forest Trail
  • Explore Creeks & Canals on a Silent Boat Ride
  • Watch Wildlife from the Watch Towers