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Experience Monipuri Way of Life

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Bhanubil Majergaon Community Based Tourism is something you can look for serving the purpose of your holiday’s enjoyment. We’re a community-based tourism initiative rallying for protecting, preserving and celebrating Manipuri Heritage, Food Culture, Endangered Bird Species or Musical Tradition. With the collaboration of Bangladesh Tourism Board, Ajiyer Fair Trade Tourism has developed the Bhanubil Manipuri Community Tourism. You will be provided the best possible travel experience by the host families. They are trained and certified to provide exclusive and authentic local experiences. They are trained in the following sections:

  • Managing Housing
  • Ensuring Healthy Cooking
  • Maintaining Sanitation
  • Using Personal Security Tools
  • Making Tour Schedule
  • Upholding Responsibility of Local Guide

There’s hardly any issue that will make any concern for your travel experience. We deliver for your satisfaction. Our certified hosts will receive you in such a way that you will feel comfortable and special.
You will get the exclusive experience from the Manipuri Community. This is an ethnic community in Bangladesh. Their core base was in Manipur. Manipur was once a sovereign state and now it is the North-Eastern Zonal state of India. Manipur had different names in the early state. Names like Kyangleipak, Kyangkleipang, Kyanglei, Meitrabak, and Mekhali. The people of Manipur were formerly known as Meitei. Some missionaries arrived here from Sylhet during the reign of Maharaj Garibniwaz (1709-1748). There was a myth that these missionaries named this land “Manipur”. The people got the name “Manipuris”. Later, it was ensured that Manipur of Mahabharata and Manipur of Sylhet were not the same place. The Manipuris migrated to the area of Bangladesh. They settled here at different times due to conflicts, socio-political reasons, and wars.


Welcome to Tea Capital

Our Tuk Tuk / CNG will receive you from the Railway station or Bus Station. This’ll not be any random vehicle, even the drive is trained. This’ll take half an hour to reach the Bhanubil Monipuri Community Tourism. Enjoy welcome tea in Monipuri style. Check in to the guest house & take a quick rest or you can take a quick morning view of the village.

Enjoy Monipuri breakfast with 5-6 items with our host family. After breakfast, our host will take you to the other side of the village.


Experience Monipuri Hospitality

After exploring different part of the village, lunch will be served with special Manipuri culinary dishes (6-7 items). Each food item is prepared by the Manipuri style.

In the afternoon, get a village walk with our host around the village. Enjoy scenic beauty roaming around the tea garden. Interact with local communities, explore local foods.

Learn the weaving process, how the Manipuri people create unique designed handicraft. Manipuri people are famous for their special fabrics like moiraingphee, leirum, lasingphee and phanek. Tribal textiles are woven on a loin-loom, a type of back-strap loom commonly used by hill people. Sometimes the belt is woven out of cane or bamboo. Weaving is universal and every girl knows how to weave.

9 PM: Dinner will be served with exotic local foods.
Night stay at the guest house at the Manipuri Village with standard facilities in a secure environment.


Tea Picking Session

Get up early to join tea picking with the Manipuri community in the tea garden. The tea garden is just 10 minutes walking distance from the Bhanubil Village.
Our host will guide you to the tea garden where you can see the local workers are picking tea. You can join them, take amazing pictures and learn how they collect tea leaves. The tea picking session will continue till you 10 AM.
Breakfast will be served by traditional Manipuri Food.
Take another walk another the village and enjoy the fresh Manipuri Style Green Tea picked by yourself from the garden.


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