Served over 10,000 people in 64 districts

About Us

Reservation Bangladesh is the first local online-based travel management service provider. With a wide variety of hotel selections, reviews, travel plans and travel guidelines for leisure and business travelers, our mission is to simplify and enrich travel experiences in Bangladesh. Our experienced team of travel specialists help local, international and non-resident Bangladeshi travelers to experience the beautiful Bangladesh by assisting them with customized travel plans leaving them with a truly unforgettable journey.


Our mission is to explore the natural beauty of Bangladesh through sustainable tourism.



Reservation Bangladesh envisions to be the best one stop travel solution for Bangladesh.

Our Values

  • Authentic
  • Diverse
  • Reliable
  • Cost Effective



  • Provide any type of booking facilities in any location in Bangladesh.
  • Help travelers to explore Bangladesh with location wise information.
  • Provide car, cruise and air transport rental facilities.
  • Provide domestic flight booking facilities.
  • Provide a platform for all merchants to market their travel offerings so that travelers get a wide range of package options.
  • Ensure ecotourism through sustainable ways of travel options.


What Reservation Bangladesh Offers?

All Types of Travel Booking Service

Reservation Bangladesh is a one-stop travel solution provider for all type’s tourism services including ticketing, hotel booking, tour packages, custom packages, cruise, any sort of transport booking etc. division, district or upazilla of Bangladesh from where travelers can easily book their required services customizable to individual requirements.


Comparable Rates

Reservation Bangladesh is a platform where travelers can get various offerings from different travel agencies and compare packages and prices according to individual travel requirements.


Customizable Packages

Travelers can customize their tour packages according to requirements and destinations with facilities including transportation, accommodation and meals


Secure Booking

Reservation Bangladesh guarantees your privacy and your personal information collected during the reservation and booking procedures.


No Reservation Fees

Reservation Bangladesh do not charge any fees for reservation and booking cancellation.