To all those backpackers, heaven is not far away from “Midst of Mangrove”; where you can enjoy wildlife, Rivers, the swamp forest and the extreme beauty of nature and can also have local experiences! You will forget the rest of the world when you are going to travel through the mighty forest of Sundarbans on a boat, nothing but silence and birds humming around you. Who knows you might even hear the roar of the mighty Royal Bengal Tiger!

This natural sanctuary gives us greenery, rivers, swamp, birds, animal, and people. So this could be an amazing place for the tourists who want to have many flavors in a single scoop! The Sundarbans is the largest Mangrove forest in the world covering around 10000 square kilometers, from which 4000 sq. km is under India (West Bengal) and the rest of the last portion is under the custody of Bangladesh government. This Amazing forest is in the Bay of Bengal. As for this reason, most of the trees around this area are capable of growing with the help of salty water, where most of their roots remain under the water! This is a unique character of mangrove trees.

royal bengal tiger in sundarban

In Bangladesh, the Sundarbans is about 6000 sq. km situated in Khulna, Shatkhira and Bagerhat districts. A small portion of the Sundarbans situated in Patuakhali district! Here comes the best part, the Sundarban is recognized as a natural UNESCO world Heritage Site in 1997 for its unique characteristics and wildlife habitation. It also recognized as Ramsar Site in 1992 for research and scientific purpose. The Sundarbans’ harbor  is known as the single largest population of world’s tigers’ habitation, and also the largest mangrove forest in the world, so why would a traveller resist the opportunity to see the river-land, den of the mighty tiger, and wildlife habitation, swamp forest, jungle and world’s largest Mangrove forest!

The mangrove is named after (heriteira  fomes) locally known as shundari or sundri trees, these magnificent trees help to increase the beauty of the Sundarbans by 100 times! The Sundarbans was also one of the finalists of New7Wonders of Nature Competition held in 2007-2011.

This panoramic beautiful mangrove is very rich in its wildlife and natural habitations. This forest has various ecological systems like the salt-water mixed forest, littoral forest, and swamp forest. Around 31.1% of this area is covered with swamp forest, riverbed, inlets and bills covering the area around 1874 sq. km, where more than 245 of plant genre and up to 334 of plant species are found. And more than 270 species of birds, 150 species of fishes, 35 species of reptiles, 8 species of amphibian and 42 species of mammals are located here in this forest. (i.e about 30% of the reptiles, 37% the birds and 34% of the mammals). There are 180 (106 in Bangladesh and 74 in India) tigers who are on the verge of extinction nowadays. But According to Ramsar Site, there were more than 500 tigers in 1992 ’s.These royal creatures are being extinct because of some money hungry poachers who sell the tiger’s skin and other organs. But now both governments of Bangladesh and India are taking steps (Tiger Census) to prevent the poachers and extinctions of the tiger.  And around 30000 Chitra deer are located deep of the forest.

wildlife at sundarbans
Wildlife at Sundarbans

There are large numbers of flora, fauna, avifauna, reptiles, and aquafauna are found on the Sundarbans. The main floras are Sundari, Gewa, Keora, and Goran. As the Sundarbans provides a unique ecosystem for wildlife, there are Tigers, spotted deer, wild boars, fishing cats, macaques, flying foxes, storks, several types of kites and sea eagles, lots of amphibians and reptiles i.e. sawfish, butterfish, electric ray, crabs, python, crocodiles and many other wild lives are located here. In a word, the mangrove is a true sanctuary for wild lives!

The whole mangrove is abundant with amazing sites and wildlife! There are some tourists spots for observing the panoramic beauty of this mangrove but you have to go there by boat; you can kill two birds at one stone by having a boat journey, enjoying the natural beauty of the river and talk with the local boatman and learn about their lives and stories. Who knows you might hear a story of Royal Bengal Tiger and how it hunts its prey and later enjoy those spots. The most popular spots are Hiron Point (Nilkamal), Katka, Three Edge Islands, Dublar Char Island etc. on these places you can observe many wild animals i.e. monkeys, crocodiles, Chitra Deer, birds, and the mightiest  Royal Bengal Tiger!

What are you waiting for! The Sundarbans is calling you. Have a great Holiday and adventure in the deep of the jungle by living with the local people, learn about their lives, they are simple folks who are earning their livings from the mighty forest. Enjoy your holidays as local, laugh with them, warm yourself by the fire. Enjoy the extreme beauty of nature, have an adventure by the river, swamp and forest altogether!!  Love, laugh, live and get lost in a peaceful place cause the rest of the world is too cacophonous for travelers like you!

Warning: keep an extra day on your hand. This beautiful place could bewitch you with its heavenly atmosphere!