Did you ever get beautifully disgusted?

Some places are so mesmerizing, majestic and mysteriously beautiful that you got disgusted of yourself because you haven’t been to those places before! Moulovibazar is one of those places! It’s situated in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Moulovibazarl is abundant with many naturally beautiful places like Madhabpur Lake, Lawachara national park and sanctuary, Tea Garden of Sreemangal, Ham Ham waterfall, Nilkantha Tea Cabin where you can enjoy rainbow in a cup of tea.

tea garden at sreemangal
You’ll see a hundred acres of tea garden

Let’s get started with the first one; Madhabpur Lake. This lake is in Kamalganj Upazilla (Moulavibazar district). The view of this lake is breathtaking. The lake is surrounded by tiny hill tracks which make the lake more eyes pleasing. The lake is always covered with intensely beautiful blue and white water lily. Whenever you go a bit far away from the lake or get on any of those tiny hills we will see that those flowers are glittering like pearls. The lake’s water is so tempting that you wouldn’t be able to resist yourself to take a bath. Mild air is always blowing over the lake which is really pleasing for any tourist. There are tea estate near Madhabpur Lake and a monument near the lake. This peaceful greenish place is like a craft of an artist! Surely, this Lonely Lake of Lotus will take you to another dimension if you can feel its language!

sreemangal bangladesh
Then comes the most exciting place Lawachara National Park. A piece of information about the place- A part of the movie ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’ has been shoot in Lawachara forest. That’s enough info for any travel nerd to have a journey in this sanctuary because every single tourist knows about ‘jules Verne” and his amazing novels. 
The park cover approximately 1250 hectares are with different wildlife species including some rare species of birds and animals. It’s the 2nd biggest national sanctuary for animals after The Sundarbans. Nearly extinct Ulluks are only found in four countries in the world and this is the place where you can find one. There are also barking deer, entellus, yellow turtles and more than 30 species of animals are found. 246 species of birds are also there but if you wish to see them you have to come and visit the forest very early in the morning or you wouldn’t be able to see them but you can always listen to them humming around you. Around 167 species of plants are also there and their names are written over them. While walking through the Lawachara forest you will feel like heaven is nearly here. The views are amazing and will make you immensely refresh. While walking through the forest you will see Khashia Punji, a local tribal living there for hundreds of year. You might want to talk to them and learn about their cultures and life. They earn their livelihood by producing and selling battle leaf. Our hosts will help you to get along with the Khashias for a while. In a word, if you want to feel life, nature, and wildlife this is where you want to go!

Sreemongal is the place where everyone wants to go to see the sea of the tea garden. A piece of information- Sreemangal is the place where the highest rainfall happens in Bangladesh While visiting Sreemangal you will see only tea garden miles after miles. On the uphill area, they look like a green carpet. There is a memorial of our valiant hero Birsreshtho Hamidur Rahman near Sreemongal. Every tourist visits the place to see the utmost respect to this hero of our liberation war.

seven color tea sreemangalPeople from around the world come to Sreemangal to have a sip of 7 layer tea. No country is able to make 7 different layers in a single cup. It’s just like Making Rainbow in a Cup!
Each layer offers different tastes, from spicy cloves to syrupy sweet flavor. The tea can be found in the various location of Sreemongal. But our hosts recommend you to have your 7 layer rainbow tea from Nilkantha Tea Cabin. 
Its high time for you to see the unseen, to have an exciting experience in Lawachara, and Madhabpur Lake, to know the unknown by knowing local tribal like Khashia and Tripura, to taste the rainbow with a sip and as it was mentioned earlier, get beautifully disgusted!